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CURRENT LEAD TIME IS 19 MONTHS - Contact us to get on our build schedule for December 2023!
CURRENT LEAD TIME: Approx. 18mos
Big Announcement! TCTeardrops Transition

Big Announcement! TCTeardrops Transition

We have all experienced change in our lives, which is an understatement when we look back upon the past couple of years. Unprecedented change has been the common thread binding us all together.

It’s not always easy to adapt to change, but it IS always necessary.

“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.” ~Wayne Dyer

TCTeardrops has been “Dedicated to the Ease of Camping” from Day One. That will never change! We strive to keep our teardrops simple, affordable, and increasingly adaptable. When we add a new feature or accessory, we always look at making it compatible for our existing customers to add to their Teardrops. Up-sell!

With that philosophy in mind, we have made the decision to LIMIT the number of accessories that we will continue to offer. The supply chain is broken. Prices are going up every day. We have done our best to minimize price increases, and we will continue to keep our prices fair and reasonable on the products that TCTeardrops manufactures. However, the cost of third-party accessories has gone up to the point that we are giving things away that we can’t even get! Down-sell? OK, I made that up. But it certainly is a losing proposition.

The items we no longer carry are primarily those that most customers can add on their own when they are ready. The awnings and side tents are very popular, but they have almost doubled in price due to the high cost of materials and shipping, and they are typically back-ordered several months. You will find a list of items we no longer carry on our website, as well as links to those products, if you wish to order for yourself in advance.

The GOOD news is that, if you are waiting for us to build your new TCTeardrop, we will be building it sooner than later. Fewer accessories will allow us to center our focus on building Teardrops. We will be contacting each of you individually to confirm your build details and update your completion date!

If you are currently in the market for a tiny camper, we hope that you will consider placing an order for a TCTeardrop and join our affable, adaptable, and ever-changing family, living “Life by the ‘Drop”!

Please excuse any lumps and bumps as we transition our website accordingly.

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