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CURRENT LEAD TIME IS APPROXIMATELY 18 MONTHS - Contact us to get on our build schedule for 2023!
CURRENT LEAD TIME: Approx. 18mos

Propane Tank and Bracket (fits any size TCTeardrop)


Conveniently carry up to an 11 lb Propane with a passenger-side mounted stainless steel bracket on your TCTeardrop.  Can be mounted on any size/model TCTeardrop.

List of compatible propane tanks:

  • 11 lb. Worthington 2.6 gal. (p/n 28116)
  • 10 lb. Manchester 2.5 gal. (p/n 10228.4)
  • 11 lb. Flame King 2.6 gal. (p/n YSN011)
  • 4.25 lb. Worthington 1 gal. (p/n 281149)
  • 10 lb. Flame King 2.5 gal. (p/n YSN010)

Bracket dimensions/specs:

  • 9 in. Diameter
  • Marine-grade Stainless Steel Construction
  • Dim: 4.947"x9.125"x11"

Bracket installation and empty propane tank included (bracket only can be sold separately by request for $150).

Caution - NEVER carry a full propane tank inside of your Teardrop or tow vehicle in case of leakage.