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LEAD TIME: 11 Months TCTeardrop Models / 3 Months TCTruckCampers
LEAD TIME: 11 mos Teardrops / 3 mos TCTruckCampers

NEW! TCTruckCamper

Get ready to go camping without compromising comfort or convenience! The All New TCTruckCamper is the perfect portable solution for outdoor living! It fits snugly in your truck bed and is budget-friendly and easily accessorized. So, don't skimp on the adventure and enjoy a cozy, off-road experience that won't break the bank!


The All New TCTruckCamper includes the following features in our Base Model:

  • 600 lb dry weight
  • Single Mattress
  • Door with window
  • Two windows on each side
  • Aluminum insulated roof
  • Passive air vents
  • Lightweight, composite shell with aluminum skin
  • Choice of black or white topographic design

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Double Mattress on Linear Rail System 
  • OVS 180-Degree Awning
  • OVS Car-Side Shower Room
  • Metal Storage Cabinet
  • On-Demand Hot Water Heater
  • 11lb Propane Tank and Bracket
  • 5gal Water Can and Bracket
  • Port installed for Heater

A deck system is required for any truck bed camper.

We recommend Decked system

Follow the link below to view our TCTruckCamper quote page:

Driver Side Rear View with Open Truck Gate
Interior View from Rear Door, Toward Camper Front
Drive Side Rear View with Water Heater Cabinets, Water, Propane
Driver Side Fisheye Rear View
Passenger Side Rear View with Fully Open Gate and Door
Interior View from Front, Toward Rear Door
Full Rear View from Passenger Side
Passenger Side Rear View with OVS Shower Tent
Full Interior View
Scenic! Full Passenger Side View