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LEAD TIME: 6 Months for TCTeardrop Models
LEAD TIME: 6 mos for TCTeardrops

TCT Product Gallery

Wondering what a lock-n-roll hitch is? Or perhaps not sure what a bunk bed looks like? Look no further!

Learn more about all the different aspects of a TC teardrop below. Click on any option to see a dropdown description. Click again to close.

If you still have questions, be sure to look through our Frequently Asked Questions.

Here is the galley that is used in all 5x10 model trailers. The cabinet is included at the back of the cooler area to allow more stabilization for a cooler and bring the storage up to a level which is easier to access. There is also a pull-out table and a hinged table by default.

This is the galley used in all 4x9 and 5x9 trailers. It may look familiar as it is our standard galley from past offerings. The depth is not great enough to include a cabinet behind the cooler, so the smaller shelf was kept instead. A pull-out table and rear hinge table are included by default.

Here is the 4x8 and 5x8 galley. Due to the shallow depth, the smaller shelf is not included above the cooler. There is still a pull-out table and rear hinge table by default. Silverware drawers are not available for this size due to the lack of available space.

The wardrobe closet is only available in a 5x10 trailer. The wardrobe closet and bunk beds are not able to be selected at the same time. This is due to the full front cabinet already being included with the bunk option.

With the wardrobe closet, the cabin sleeping area is reduced to the length of the Queen mattress (75") and pushed toward the front. We use the space to insert a floor-to-ceiling closet against the galley wall. This is also where your head is expected to go during sleep.

Pictured below is the wardrobe closet, as well as reading lights, a queen mattress, and curtain rods.

Bunk beds are available in double (seen below) and single. They are only available in a 5x10 trailer.

Ideal for storage or sleeping area for anyone shorter than 5 feet tall. Bunk bed platforms and mattresses are completely removeable. If you choose a bunk bed, you will receive a full front cabinet instead of the standard cabinet since you'll need to sleep with your head in the other direction with your feet under the bunk. (Normally, you sleep head toward the back and feet toward the front).

See example of a full front cabinet on the bottom half below.

Standard location for a spare tire mount is the right rear side (passenger).

The solar panel is mounted on the toolbox when available, or the roof if a toolbox isn't being installed. On the roof, it mounts either toward the front to avoid interrupting the roof rack, or along the roof perpendicular to the trailer length if a 4' wide trailer is chosen.

The ball hitch is standard on the Oasis and Original models. The lock-n-roll is standard on the Overland and Off-Road models due to its ability to fully articulate 360-degrees to prevent "shared rollover" of trailer and tow vehicle. Your tow vehicle can safely navigate uneven terrain without worrying about your teardrop pulling your hitch in the wrong direction.

The power strip and outlet port in the galley are known as the Shore Power outlet due to the need for external power. This strip is not part of the 12v system and requires an extension cord be plugged in to the exterior port for power. Any model may use a shore power outlet.