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CURRENT LEAD TIME IS 19 MONTHS - Contact us to get on our build schedule for December 2023!
CURRENT LEAD TIME: Approx. 18mos

Sanipottie 976 Portable Toilet by Dometic

Sold out

ON BACKORDER. Restock date is currently unknown.

The Dometic Sanipottie Portable Toilet is "A portable and convenient lightweight toilet that is perfect for smaller vehicles due to the unique space-saving design. The push-button technology makes it easy to use and will always ensure a powerful and hygienic flush with less pump and less mess" per Dometic's own website.  This handy chemical toilet also fits perfectly inside the optional toolbox on the front rack of your TCTeardrop for storage while traveling.  We suggest a pop-up changing room or side room with your Teardrop for privacy (unless you're in the middle of nowhere, then who cares!?)

For more information you can visit Dometic's website