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CURRENT LEAD TIME IS APPROXIMATELY 18 MONTHS - Contact us to get on our build schedule for 2023!
CURRENT LEAD TIME: Approx. 18mos

Split Double Bunk Bed (5x10 model only)


There's room for 4 in a 5x10 TCTeardrop!  Add a split/double bunk bed to your 5x10 TCTeardrop cabin and you can sleep 2 adults and 2 children (under 5' tall) inside your TCTeardrop.  The bunk beds are split down the middle so you can remove one, or both.  The mattress is split to match the bunk.  Each single bunk bed and mattress measure 58.5" long X 21" wide, so together they make a double bunk bed that measures 58.5" x 42".  The bunks are designed for children - not intended for adults.

Along with the bunk beds, you can also upgrade to the Full Front Cabinet for no extra charge!  (see photo) This option is ONLY available with the 5x10 size TCTeardrop.