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LEAD TIME: 11 Months TCTeardrop Models / 3 Months TCTruckCampers
LEAD TIME: 11 mos Teardrops / 3 mos TCTruckCampers

Recommended Accessories

Below are a few of the products and accessories we recommend to help enhance your teardrop camping experience. These are products we've used ourselves or have heard first-hand accounts from TCT customers.
If you have any questions that have not been answered below, don't forget to take a look at the linked website for more information.

Weatherproof Trailer Cover

Front Runner: 2.5m Awning

Front Runner: 2.5m Deluxe Room (and Floor)

Deluxe Room:
Floor (Sold separately):


11lb Propane Tank

The link below is for a Flame King 11lb propane tank; however, any standard cylindrical 11lb propane tank should fit nicely inside our propane brackets.

Oztent: Foxwing 270 Awning

The Foxwing 270-degree awning is monodirectional and comes as a Right-hand or Left-hand type. To mount a Foxwing 270 awning on the passenger side of your trailer, you'll need to purchase a RIGHT-hand awning. For the driver side, you'll want a LEFT-hand awning. Both can be found at the link below.
If you were wondering the difference between the Foxwing and the Batwing: the Foxwing has fully detached poles which store in a separate bag inside the awning bag. The Batwing's poles are attached and pull down from inside the awning.

Oztent Foxwing: 2pc Straight Extension

Oztent Foxwing: Tapered Extension

Rhino-Rack Batwing: Straight 2.5m Extension

Rhino-Rack Batwing: Tapered Extension

Rhino-Rack Batwing: Tapered Extension w/Zippered Door

Electric Water Can Pump

Dometic Sanipottie 976

12v Mattress Pad Heater

Spray-On Turtle Wax

Awning Replacement/Spare Parts

Oztent Awning Spare Parts


Rhino-Rack Awning Spare Parts


Front Runner Awning Spare Parts