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CURRENT LEAD TIME IS 19 MONTHS (As of September 2022) - Contact us to get on our build schedule for April 2024!
CURRENT LEAD TIME: Approx. 19 mos

Recommended Accessories

Below are a few of the products and accessories we recommend to help enhance your teardrop camping experience. These are products we've used ourselves or have heard first-hand accounts from TCT customers.
If you have any questions that have not been answered below, don't forget to take a look at the linked website for more information.

Weatherproof Trailer Cover

Front Runner: 2.5m Awning

Front Runner: 2.5m Deluxe Room (and Floor)

Deluxe Room:
Floor (Not Included):


Front Runner: 5gal Water Can w/Spigot

The Front Runner 5gal jerry can comes standard with a plastic spigot. They also provide a brass spigot as a separate upgrade. Both are available at the link below. This is the exact jerry can previously offered by TCT, except that we always swapped the spigot for a metal one.

11lb Propane Tank

The link below is for a Flame King 11lb propane tank; however, any standard cylindrical 11lb propane tank should fit nicely inside one of our custom fabricated propane brackets.

5gal Scepter Can (Water or Fuel)

5gal Scepter Can - WATER:

The military-style 5gal Scepter can fits perfectly in one of our in-house fabricated scepter can brackets.

5gal Scepter Can - FUEL:

The standard 5gal Scepter fuel can fits inside one of our in-house fabricated brackets and must be attached via an accessory receiver on the tongue. Please reach out if you are able to bring your trailer to Central Wisconsin and we can discuss adding a receiver to your TC teardrop.

Oztent: Foxwing 270 Awning

The Foxwing 270-degree awning is monodirectional and comes as a Right-hand or Left-hand type. To mount a Foxwing 270 awning on the passenger side of your trailer, you'll need to purchase a RIGHT-hand awning. For the driver side, you'll want a LEFT-hand awning. Both can be found at the link below.
If you were wondering the difference between the Foxwing and the Batwing: the Foxwing has fully detached poles which store in a separate bag inside the awning bag. The Batwing's poles are attached and pull down from inside the awning.

Oztent Foxwing: 2pc Straight Extension

Oztent Foxwing: Tapered Extension

Rhino-Rack Batwing: Straight 2.5m Extension

Rhino-Rack Batwing: Tapered Extension

Rhino-Rack Batwing: Tapered Extension w/Zippered Door

Awning Replacement/Spare Parts

Oztent Awning Spare Parts


Rhino-Rack Awning Spare Parts


Front Runner Awning Spare Parts


Electric Water Can Pump

Dometic Sanipottie 976