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LEAD TIME: 6 Months for TCTeardrop Models
LEAD TIME: 6 mos for TCTeardrops

Customer Testimonials

Tim and Trish E.
Tim and Trish E Testimonial
"I must tell you and Todd how very grateful we are to you for following your passion to create and build these campers. We've camped ever since the early days of our marriage. [...] We thought our camping days were over after the last time we tent camped. Our backs were very slow to forgive us for the offense of sleeping on the hard ground! Now when we camp, we chuckle each morning when we wake up, realizing that many nights we sleep better in the teardrop than in our own bed! We purchased "Scout" [...]in spring of 2018.
Unfortunately,[...] we've only been out a total of six trips, but we have one more trip planned for this year, and we are very much looking forward to a long-awaited trip out West. We intend to aim for Glacier National Park and many short stops along the way!
Again, thank you so much for allowing our camping adventures to extend beyond our wildest dreams and in spite of our old backs!"
Mike S.
Mike S Testimonial

"Yea, Todd & Team!!! TCTeardrops comes through again.
Todd has the patience of a teacher. He had the understanding that if he walked me through the steps I would have a deeper understanding of how to troubleshoot my electrical bugaboos in the future. Most impressively, he and his team have incredible follow up care and service no matter when I’ve needed their help from 2015-2023. Thank you Todd and team for making my day, and for saving our trip!!! You hit it out of the park every time!!!!"

Jacob and Maggie G.
Jacob and Maggie G Testimonial
"Finally got home on Wednesday from picking up the TC. 16 days, 3000+ miles, 11 states and 12 straight nights in the new rig. We had the added bonus of randomly bumping into Todd and Carol at Center Lake CG in Custer State Park in SD and had a great time around the fire with them. The camper itself exceeded our expectations and was flawless in the towing and overall usage departments, absolutely awesome 👍. We plan on more trips this summer and will continue to update the group with our experiences and any mods we make with the rig. Happy camping 🏕️ to all of you!"
Cody K.
Cody K Testimonial
"My wife and I purchased a used TC and it had some issues due to some neglect. Shortly after purchasing, I reached out to Todd/Carol and we talked about every aspect of the camper. We discussed a plan of attack to fix it and made a list of parts and materials we needed to get the camper back in working order. I went to their factory to pick up the parts and that experience alone was priceless. I was able to talk with staff about anything and everything and I gained a much deeper understanding of my camper, the company and what they stand for.
What I find truly remarkable is we are the 3rd owners of this camper and we were treated as if we purchased the camper brand new from them. Their response was "it's our product and we want our product to work great and for any owner of our product to be happy and satisfied". This could truly be the best experience I've had with any company in my life. We are excited to be a part of the TC family!"
Matt and Kellie M.
Matt and Kellie M Testimonial
"My wife Kellie and I had the privilege of meeting Todd, Carol [and the TC staff] yesterday when we picked up our TC, after driving 1,300 miles one way from northern Maine. What a great experience and what an excellent product! We left feeling like family. Our first night was spent at Devil’s Lake State Park. 👍🏼 We are so impressed with our teardrop. Simplicity at it’s best. It’s fun to watch the heads turn when on the highway or in a parking lot!"