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LEAD TIME: 6 Months for TCTeardrop Models
LEAD TIME: 6 mos for TCTeardrops


You've got questions, we've got answers!

Here is a list of our most commonly asked questions.  

If you cannot find your answer here, please email and we will answer your question personally!

Q1 - Do we have any new TCTeardrops in our inventory for sale right now?

A1 - Only very rarely! We are custom builders and primarily only build per order.  Having said that, we do try to keep the 4x9 or 5x9 Oasis models in stock for immediate purchase, first-come first-served. Occasionally we take in used TCTeardrops on trade, which leads to question #2...

Q2 - Do we ever have used TCTeardrops for sale?

A2 - We may - on rare occasion - take one in on trade for a new TCTeardrop, or we may have a demo unit for sale. We post these and any other teardrops for sale on our FOR SALE page found above. (If you're looking for the used teardrop FB group, we no longer use this to post trailers for sale.)

Q3 -  Do we have any TCTeardrops for rent?

A3 - No, not from us, but you CAN rent a TCTeardrop trailer from a few different places. There's a new Rentals page just for them. Take a look!

Q4 - How long does it take us to build your custom Teardrop from the time you place your order?

A4 - Current wait time is always posted at the top of the Home page and updated monthly. Actual build time of a trailer can range from 1-3 weeks once construction has begun.

Q5 - Do we have any dealers?

A5 - No, we do not have any dealers, anywhere. We manufacture and sell directly to the consumer from our location in Wausau, WI. We travel the country and exhibit at various shows throughout the year (see our Events page) so you can see one in person at a show, or you might catch us camping someplace! If you are unable to get to a show we can try to set you up with a customer in your area so you can take a look at their TCTeardrop. Delivery is an option (see Q6) if you can't to drive to Wisconsin to pick up your Teardrop.

Q6 - Do we deliver?

A6 - We have a company that will deliver for us to the lower 48 states (for Canadian customers they will only go as far as the border), they charge approximately $2.00 USD per mile from 54403, depending upon your location. For an exact delivery quote we would need your delivery address. You can also get a delivery estimate by filling in your own quote request, just "add to cart" and select "shipping", then enter your shipping address for an estimate of your shipping cost.

Q7 - Do we have a showroom to visit?

A7 - We accept visitors by appointment. We do not have a "showroom" but you are welcome to visit our shop and see some completed Teardrops, ask questions and check out accessories. We do ask that you make an appointment so we can make sure we have plenty of time to spend with you when you get here.

Q8 - How much is the deposit to hold a build slot?

A8 - We require a $600 deposit to hold your build slot. $300 of that deposit is non-refundable. The balance is not due until we are nearly finished with your Teardrop, no matter what size or model that you order. If you change your mind and cancel your order at any time during the waiting period, we will refund half the deposit and any other money that you have paid, even if your Teardrop is already under construction.

Q9 - Do we refund your deposit if you cancel your order?

A9 - Yes, we will refund $300 of your deposit within 10 business days after you notify us that you wish to cancel your order (we do ask that the request to be in writing, an email from your address is fine).

Q10 - When is full payment due for trailer orders?

A10 - We require full payment once the trailer has been completed, with the exception of wanting to obtain your license plate before you pick up your trailer. Though it's not required in every state (WI does not require plates for trailers under 3000lbs, for example), if you would like to have your plate early, you will need to pay the trailer in full first. Usually it only requires a few weeks ahead. We will mail the necessary documents after payment is confirmed.

Q11 - Do we offer financing?

A11 - No, we do not offer in-house financing. We do, however, provide any information needed by your financing institution of choice. We don't work directly with them.

Q12 - Do we have a brochure we can mail out to you?

A12 - No, we do not have paper brochures, sorry. All of our information is available through our website and/or social media channels. We are saving the trees for shade when we go camping!

Q13 - Can the roof of a TCTeardrop handle a Roof Top Tent?  

A13 - Absolutely!  You need to have the roof rack option first, then you can put any RTT that you want on the roof of the Teardrop.

Q14 - Do we install roof vents, roof fans or skylights?

A14 - No, we do not install vents, fans or skylights in the roof of a TCTeardrop. We offer 2 doors (with windows) and 2 side windows as standard with the Original model, all of which open and have screens. We have passive air vents as standard, and we sell window-mounted fans which run off the 12v system. Putting a vent in the roof tends to let more heat in (or out) depending on the weather. The roof of a TCTeardrop is very well insulated and very durable, not to mention strong enough to handle a roof rack and gear. Plus, a hole in the roof is an invitation for water to find a way inside, and nobody likes a wet blanket!

Q15 - Do we sell Teardrop plans or kits?

A15 - No, not at this time. 

Q16 - Can you tow a TCTeardrop behind a motorcycle? 

A16 - No, currently there is no TCTeardrop model small enough to tow behind a motorcycle. You CAN, however, request to put your motorcycle on the front rack of our trailers and take the motorcycle along with the Teardrop wherever you want to go riding!

Q17 - Do we have custom covers for our TCTeardrops?

A17 - No, we do not have custom covers anymore. We did, years ago, but they were very expensive to have them made for us. There are generic Teardrop covers that work just fine for a fraction of the custom cover price. We like THIS ONE!