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LEAD TIME: 6 Months for TCTeardrop Models
LEAD TIME: 6 mos for TCTeardrops

TCT Model: "Oasis"

No frills, no cabinetry, and no electricity; just the basics.

Designed for the “minimalist”, the “Oasis” TCTeardrop can be used as is; or, you could add your own cabinets, lights, and accessories.  The choice is yours!

The 14" Steel Wheels and Radial tires are more than capable of handling any forest road. Two locking doors are included (left and right sides) and each door has a screened window that opens for extra airflow.

Oasis Exterior - Driver Side
Standard Wheel, Tire, and Fender
Oasis Interior - Driver Side Door (Front)
Oasis Standard Galley
Oasis Interior - Driver Side Door (Rear)
Oasis Interior - Front of Cabin