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LEAD TIME: 6 Months for TCTeardrop Models
LEAD TIME: 6 mos for TCTeardrops
“Why the Adventure Edition?”

“Why the Adventure Edition?”

Like most outdoor enthusiasts, we love to plan our next adventure!  Planning is almost as much fun as the adventure itself…imagining unknown places to explore, the excitement of new experiences, calculating risk versus reward. That’s what  adventure means to us!

So when we came up with the idea for a new TCTeardrop that would encompass everything we love about all the previous models, we naturally thought of this as our next great Adventure!

Until our ISO came along a few years back (the ISO TC is our tandem-axle heavy hauler for carrying motorcycles on the front platform), you would start your order by choosing the size of your TCTeardrop (4x8, 5x8, 5x9, 5x10) and then choose the model (Oasis, Original, Overland, Off Road Expedition).

TCTeardrops new Adventure Edition only comes in the 5x10 size, but it combines the best features of all our models into one exciting new trailer that allows you to chose between on-road and off-road travel.

The ON-ROAD AE teardrop has our original 2200 lb axle, 14” wheels and radial tires, intended for better mileage on long road-trips, with maybe a forest road here and there.

The OFF-ROAD Adventure Edition combines the best of the ORE with the versatility of the Overland - you get a de-rated 3500 lb off-road axle, 10” electric brakes and 235/70/15 AT’s as standard; or upgrade all the way up to 35” tires to match your vehicle.  It will follow you wherever you tow!

Some other unique features of the AE model include a full front cabinet as standard, easily accessed when you open the door; longer sleeping area up to 6’7”; optional front platform extension for carrying bicycles, one small motorcycle, or extra gear (we carry 2 e-bikes); greater spread for your roof rack (we like to carry kayaks and/or paddleboards), and the ability to easily add (or remove) a bunk bed with sleeping space for 2 small children (so we can bring the grandkids)!

It may only come in one size, but the variety of options make our new AE TC the perfect plan for your next adventure!

Thank you!

Todd and Carol

TCTeardrops LLC



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